Posted by: mymcbooks | May 12, 2012

A Child’s Right to Read by Scholastic


Today we live in a world full of digital information. Yet reading has never been more important, for we know that for young people the ability to read is the door opener to the 21st century: to hold a job, to understand their world, and to know themselves. That is why we are asking you to join our Global Literacy Call to Action: We call this campaign: “Read Every Day. Lead a Better Life.” We are asking parents, teachers, school and business leaders, and the general public to support their children’s right to read for a better life in the digital world of the 21st century.

Here is what we believe about reading in the second decade of the 21st century.

We call this The Reading Bill of Rights:  The Reading Bill of Right! A Child’s Right to Read.

WE BELIEVE that literacy – the ability to read, write and understand – is the birthright of every child in the world as well as the pathway to succeed in school and to realize a complete life. Young people need to read nonfiction for information to understand their world, and literature for imagination to understand themselves.

WE BELIEVE that the massive amounts of digital information and images now transmitted daily make it even more important for a young person to know how to analyze, interpret and understand information, to separate fact from opinion, and to have deep respect for logical thinking.

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My views:

Parents invest in your child’s education this summer. Buy them books or take them to the library.

If a child is bored reading the same book then its time to buy a new book or take out some books for them from the library.

Make sure he/she can read and spell every word in the book before you donate the book, then buy a new book or borrow a book from the library, that way you stimulate the child’s brain with new words and new spellings.

When your child ask you to buy them a book, don’t say they have enough books at home and then you go off and buy yourself a pair of earrings, shoes or bag. Don’t you have enough of earrings, shoes and bags? If you can not afford to buy them a book take them to the library.

Don’t forget a child has the right to read.


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