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Mymcbooks Birthday Library Gallery


She loves books and receiving a surprise birthday book in the mail yesterday just made her day.  So thank you so much for making my daughter Sidney and so many other kids happy by giving them such a wonderful educational gift to read.  It is greatly appreciated. Rhonda R


Isaiah loves his new book! Thank you! Tara W

Birthday Nov Pic (2)

Thank you for my books!!  Love, Reagan A


Thank you for my wonderful birthday book 🙂

Birthday Book3

Thanks for the books. The twins ( Emma & Zoë) love them! Nicole Slater

Birthday Book2

Ryder M

Angela Allen

Thank you so much for the birthday book to my daughter Rachel.  She is starting to read so it is perfect for her!


Trevor received a book for his birthday

photo (3)

Anthony with his book. Thank you and God bless!


We are in receipt of the adorable children’s book you sent Emma for her 5th Birthday.

birthday 2013 041

Thank you Sophie loves the book. Thank you for a great program.

Kimberly B

Brenden Carter birthday picture

Thank you From Brenden

2013-02-01 12.22.06

Thank you so much for the book. Sidney LOVES learning and especially learning words in spanish.

Thank You again for the wonderful birthday book. She loves it.
Rhonda H

Thank you for the birthday book! Reagan loves it!

Maisy received her birthday book today and we wanted to say thank you!


 Here is Trevor’s picture with his birthday book. He was excited to receive it!

Thank you.

Thank you fir the birthday book!  gabby loves it and I had to share this program.

Kelley J


I wanted to let you know that my son’s book arrived today for his birthday.  He was very excited to get something in the mail!  He also enjoyed the book.  It’s very cute and right up his alley! 🙂

Thank you!

Kristie N



Manasseh says “Thank you” to Mymcbooks. We read this twice before bed tonight!

Anthony thanks you for his book! Thanks!


Here are a couple pictures of the Playful Puppy book our little boy received from your program.  Thank you so much!  He loves the book!

With kindest regards,

Suzanne G.


Abela received her birthday book today, and was SO excited.  Not only does she love getting mail, but getting a book in the mail was extra special!!!  She LOVES to read!  I find her in her bed a lot just sitting there “reading”.  We read every night, and sometimes during the day too! This is such an awesome program!  Thank you so much for providing these books.  Now that I have taken the picture, I cannot wait to go sit down and read it with her!

Most Sincerely,
Alisha Person


Thank you so much for the book. Derek loved it and has been reading it almost every night at bedtime.

Thank You


Thank you so very much for the sweet book The Magic Violin that you sent for my daughter Hailey for her 5th Birthday.  She was so excited to receive the wonderful surprise in the mail and we have been enjoying reading it ever since.  As you can see from the picture, she loves the pretty illustrations and is even trying to read a bit on her own.  Thank you for sharing your love of books with our family.  We absolutely love your blog and look forward to upcoming book reviews.

Have a wonderful day!!

Kelly M

Happy Birthday Parker

My son received his birthday book the other day. He loved the book about the starfish and was so excited that it had spanish in it too! I have attached two pictures of Parker with his new book.
Thank You so much!
Lauren S

Joseph is having fun reading his birthday book

Just wanted to let you know that Joseph Claudio recieved his book. I have included the pictured Hopefully it is what you were wanting. Thank you!! Sarah.

Corbin enjoyed reading his birthday book

Thank you so much for my son’s Birthday book!  He always loves to check the mail and was especially excited when the post man handed the package to him and I read his name on it. We read it that afternoon for our story time.  It gave him lots of giggles, and he couldn’t stop smiling when his older sister who is just learning to read helped me read it to him.

Lots of smiles and reading fun being sent your way from Corbin Haines. We can’t thank you enough!

Mindy H.

Ava with her birthday book

Hi Ella – Here’s Ava’s birthday photo with her new book. She was very happy! (As you can see, we had a Diego themed party.)

Thanks, Teresa

Trinity reading her birthday book

Thank you
Christy K

Landen having fun time reading.

I just wanted to stop by and tell you thank you for the birthday gift! Landen was very excited because he a package in the mail! It is an amazing thing you do. Just seeing the look on his face when he opened it was priceless. He couldn’t wait to read it so I have attached a picture of him reading!

Thank you so much,



Big Brother reading to Jude

The book arrived safe and sound last week and Jude is enjoying it.  I’m attaching a picture of him reading the book with an older brother as you requested.

Thank you so much for this program!  We are strong proponents of reading and I hope he’ll join his older brothers and I in enjoying books.

Laura O

Gordon getting ready for bed but needed to read a couple of pages.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful book! My little guy read it with me over and over before his nap today. And then, again, tonight. This picture is of him “reading” the book before I read it to him. He created a little game where he looks at the pictures in a book and tries to decipher what the storyline may be. He “reads” it aloud to me. Then it’s my turn to read the story and we talk about the differences between his guessed story and the real story.

Thanks again – He really loves it!

Alicia C

Elijah is busy reading  

Elijah got his book and loved it.  Thank you very much. Naomie

 Genesis enjoyed reading her book.

Lucas with his birthday book 

Here is the picture promised of my grandson being read his birthday book by my granddaughter that he received from your birthday program.

Thank you again. Grace

Connor reading his birthday book

I took these pictures and tried to get the front of the book. Hope they are acceptable and you can use them. Connor and his brother love the book. I thank you so much!


Some of the children that have received books from this program 

Mymcbooks Birthday Library Giveaway. Registration Closed



  1. How do you know for sure you will get a book on your childs birthday?
    I dont want to get my son excited yet!

    • Isn’t the pictures you saw in the gallery proof enough? And your child is on the waiting list and may not receive a book this year.

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